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hello, i'm jessica!

I'm a Wisconsin based photographer with a heart for weddings and families.  I live with my husband & three girls in an old house on Doty Island with itchy feet ready to spring off on new adventures with them whenever possible. I treasure early mornings, especially in the spring and summer, when the air is fresh and full of promise, melting into sun soaked summer days at the pool, or laughing, running & wishing on magical dandelion fuzz floating in the soft, golden evening light. 


I believe the story is the details & the moments in between.

The faraway look in the father of the bride's eyes as he sees the little girl in this stunning grown woman.  The way the groom's hand finds just the perfect spot to rest protectively, adoringly on his new bride's back.  Pudgy, farmer tanned arms encircling Mama's neck, his first love, for a sloppy kiss as the sun shines down.  Delighted laughs and sandy toes splashing and dancing in the icy cold waves of Lake Michigan.  Thick dark lashes framing the sweet freckles sprinkled on by the sun.  Crinkles around twinkling eyes and smiling lips, a road map of ups and downs but life well lived.  Big laughs, quiet moments, holding what matters.   


I strive for authenticity and am passionate about carving out time for couples & families to pause, breathe, and embrace these fleeting moments, turning them into a tangible love story.

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