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Mini Sessions

the beautiful chaos of the best days of your life.

These days are so fleeting.  Life gets busy and suddenly it's been two years since you've had family pictures done. 


It's not just about that perfect family shot above your mantel.  It's slowing down to notice the freckles on your daughter's cheeks and nose, the quickly fading baby chubbiness of your busy toddler, the smile lines on your husband's handsome face; a road map showing where you've been and where you'll go together.  A moment to be present and laugh, run, tickle, and snuggle together on a sweet summer night.  These days with small people are busy and chaotic.  But it's so worth pausing to remember.


These mini sessions are so popular because they fit into life well and capture so much happiness, and let's be honest, craziness!  A small session recording all of those little things you don't want the rush of life to whisk away into a distant memory.


Because of the high demand for these adorable and affordable sessions, I've created frequent mini sessions available on pre-determined dates at a carefully selected location. A location and props (some minis are adorably styled with lots of props, some simply use the beauty of nature), sure to engage your children and create unforgettable memories!  Please subscribe to the newsletter for exclusive offers and early access to sign up or follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!



Q.  How do I find out what mini sessions you have?  

A.  At the beginning of each year, I take some time to plan out mini sessions for the year.  Often there's a theme or location chosen that enhances the mini session.  I set the dates in advance so you can add it to your calendar and get excited for our time together making beautiful memories!


Q.  Do I get to pick the date and location of the mini session?

A.  The sessions are booked in blocks on a specific date in a specific location.  I do welcome ideas for future sessions!  If you have specific date and location requests I would encourage you to book a full session so we can work together to create a custom experience! 


Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Most sessions are 20 minutes, enough time to hold a toddlers interest and get some adorable shots!

Q. How many pictures will I see from a mini session?

A. Sessions average 25-35 finished images for families, sessions with just kids average 15-20. I hand edit each image and clients are wowed by the selection from such a short session!

Q. Will we have time for individual shots of my kids and family shots?

A. Yes! I usually start with full family shots to warm up more wary children, break it down to each parent with all the kids, then get some shots of just the kiddos, and, if there's time, just Mom and Dad together!

Q. What if my kids don't cooperate?!

A. I send out a questionnaire with the session agreement to get to know your family, what makes them laugh, a special treat to bribe, er offer;), and even bring a basket of prizes to let them pick from at the end. This seems to be a winning combination, but if you're just not happy with the outcome please let me know and I'll work with you to get images that make your heart melt.

Q. What if the weather is bad or one of us is sick?

A. I set a rain date for inclement weather, please make sure both dates work for you when scheduling!

If someone is sick I can hold your deposit for use on another mini session within one year.


Q. What do we wear?

A.  I love to help with outfit planning!  I send out an outfit styling guide and even encourage clients to send me pictures of their outfits so I can help if they get stuck!


Q. How much are sessions and what do I get?  

A. This session fee for the mini sessions is $60 with an additional $200 minimum a la carte order or purchase of collection.  The average investment is $250-$300.  Your session fee includes 20 minutes of photography with immediate family, the time to plan and edit the session before and after our time together, an online ordering gallery of all of your edited images for 14 days.  The session fee is non-refundable (but transferable) and due with return of session agreement within one week.

For more information about our time together please view the guide with the session dates and collection details here (best viewed full screen)!  For more information on a full session and access to collections offered please contact me and I will send you the password.:)

Note:  All prices are subject to change until a contract has been signed. Prices do NOT include 5% Wisconsin state sales tax.

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