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Lemke Day...a phenomenon along the lines of a blue moon

On this day in 1980 my parents said "I do" on a rainy Saturday. It was full blown peach bridesmaids and cream ruffled tuxes. Fast forward 6 years to the day, April 26th, 1986. I came along, happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! But it gets weirder. On April 26th, 1988, my sister Stephanie arrived!

Did I mention my mom is a twin? So really, she's never had her own day! Note to self: make Mom her OWN day.:)

April 26th is such a busy day that my husband has dubbed the day "Lemke Day."

Back in March my parents surprised us with a family vacation to Playa del Carmen. It was such a generous gift and an amazing week! On our last night we took some time at our favorite "secret" beach to take some pictures all together. I thought I'd share them today because if not for my parents and the commitment they made 37 years ago, none of us would be here today!

I am so grateful that my parents have been such an example of unconditional love, encouragement, generosity and selflessness. They are the heart of so many of my favorite memories as a child and it's so fun to see what amazing grandparents they have become! I'm also so grateful for my beautiful sister who has brought my life so much joy, I mean, who gets a sister for her birthday?!

To many more Lemke days!

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