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Alyssa & David, wedding at an art deco ballroom

Alyssa and David were married last weekend! It was the most beautiful spring day! Alyssa had searched the state for a vintage ballroom and found the Chandelier Ballroom tucked away in Hartford. In case you've not heard of the sweet little town, Hartford is in the hilly Kettle Moraine part of the state just minutes away from gorgeous Holy Hill.

Now, let's pause and talk about Alyssa for a moment; hello gorgeous!! She wore a Vera Wang gown that looked like it was made for her! And with a handsome and decorated groom at her side - they were magazine stunning!

After the ceremony in the old world gorgeous ballroom, we packed up and headed for Holy Hill! We found a driveway with a painting worthy view of the beautiful cathedral high atop the hills in the background. Back at the reception, dinnertime was filled with wonderful toasts and stories of the fun and incredibly kind couple!

We even managed to sneak out for the couple to pause and enjoy the sunset on a perfect spring evening...a peaceful finale to their joy-filled wedding day!

Congrats, David and Alyssa!

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