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Introducing Magnolia Arden Strike!

On August 23rd we welcomed Magnolia Arden to our family! Weighing in at 8 pounds 11 ounces and 22 inches she's plenty of beautiful baby to hold onto! We couldn't be more in love with this sleepy, sweet laid back girl. Even Melody and Vivian have surprised me with how they still fight to hold her, help change her diapers, talk and sing to her. We just adore this girl!

I've taken to calling her my grandma baby because I feel so much more relaxed this third go round, like a grandparent must feel with grandkids, living in the moment, savoring this one more time we are so blessed to have.

We brought Magnolia (or Maggie as we call her) up to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens 6 days after she was born for a little family photo session. Her middle name is the Hebrew translation of "Eden, a place of solitude and great beauty." I cannot imagine a more beautiful, magical place to have captured these memories.

It's been hard to get work done around the house and for my business because I just want to hold her and drink her in; her piglet grunts, the hiccups that jolt her little body, that once used to flutter in mine, her soft downy hair on my cheek. One of these days I'll share some more detail, just Maggie shots I got at home, but for now...enjoy!

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