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Merry Christmas!

Last year I shared the real story our Christmas cards didn't necessarily tell. It was liberating.

So this year, I planned a little photo session (with the help of my Mom as photographer) to capture what a typical Saturday morning living with three little people looks like...(maybe slightly dramatized.:)) But Vivian truly does spend 97% of her time at home in her underwear and begs for "weekend cereal," Melody always launches herself onto our bed and jumps around just before bedtime when we're supposed to be winding down, I am the queen of laundry piles, good intentions, but would rather snuggle babies, and Greg runs on coffee not being a morning person!

I wanted to remember life as it is right now, in this crazy, chaotic chapter that we'll look back on so fondly when our girls are grown and gone.

Our card read:

2018! To think, at this time last year we didn't even know Maggie would be part of our family! This year has been a blur of home remodeling as we added on for Baby, loose teeth, so many sunny days at the pool all hot summer long, first grade, 4K & Baby's first cry, constant diaper changes rewarded by toothless smiles, mountains of laundry to fold - all fueled by love...and coffee.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

James 1:17

Merry Christmas, treasure these moments!

Much love,


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