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Everything She Loves - A Valentine's Post

Maggie turns 18 months in about 10 days. I cannot believe how every day more and more of her babyness fades as she rolls into full blown toddlerhood. I wanted to take a moment to pause and capture her Maggie-isms. The things she loves, right now. And what better time than the month, day of love!

So one sunny morning this week I dressed Maggie in a dress my mom gave me from when I was a baby (she's been emptying their basement and dumping it on me!), and followed her around her room. My best or most artistic session? Not even close. But I love that it is who she is right now. The way she always has to have necklaces on when she's pretending to by Mommy to her sister's abandoned babies, rocking them in a hand me down rocker and singing a mumbled version of Twinkle, Twinkle. The way she insists on having her toe nails painted whenever she sees me get my nail polish out. The way she dances when she has a snack she enjoys, or hears "Baby Shark," or really any song with a fun beat! Her love of Little People toys and watching the world out the window. And maybe her favorite thing, plopping on my lap and reading in the room I hated most when we moved in, painted moss green and gross brown, now transformed to her bright, happy nursery. The way she hangs her special necklaces up on the door knob of her bedroom, on tippy toes or on a step stool. The way she wants to be tucked in with two blankies, and all of her lovies surrounding her in her crib, so adorable! All the things she loves, this girl who has stolen our heart!

Her love of baths and splashing in the tub, and that little toddler mullet!

And of course, she loves her sisters! Most of the time...

These girls love doing gymnastics on our bed! So for Valentine's day, I filled the bed with balloons and let them at it!

"Hoppy" Valentine's day!!:)

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