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Mie-Seon & Joel - Colorful, rustic destination wedding at Woodwalk Gallery

When I think back on Mie-Seon and Joel's wedding this past August it is with a warm, glowing feeling, like the late summer sunshine so abundant on their special day.

Mie-Seon and Joel, who are honestly some of the kindest, most sincere people I've had the pleasure of meeting, wanted to welcome family & friends from all over to a day full of relaxation, good food, and happy memories. This theme was carried through with custom drink & menu details, handmade decor, places for guests to relax and socialize around the property, even down to the dresses the bridesmaids wore! Each bridesmaid (there were 12 lovely ladies!) was encouraged to choose a dress to fit her personality & style, which paired with the colorful bouquets, brought an extra air of happiness to the vibrant palette Mie-Seon chose for the day.

Family is so important to the couple, Mie-Seon had her sisters officiate the ceremony, which added such a personal touch as they shared sweet memories of their sister and her love story with Joel.

It was such a thrill to see all of Mie-Seon's creativity & artistic giftedness brought to life in such a perfect location as Woodwalk Gallery! She is every bit as kind and talented as she is gorgeous, her natural beauty complimented by the rustic surroundings.

Joel made for a handsome and adoring groom, with stories of his tenderness shared by family and in quiet details; he set out early on their wedding day to pick Mie-Seon a bouquet of colorful wildflowers to pair with a custom necklace he surprised her with! Or in the first look he and Mie-Seon shared, when he was moved to tears by his stunning bride.

Beautiful, heartfelt toasts, lingering moments during the golden hour as the sun wove through the trees and kissed the nearby sunflowers, sweet little hand pies bursting with flavor made by Joel's mom, an unforgettable first dance sung live by a close friend, and surprise serenade for Mie-Seon by Joel's dad & painting crew were just a few of so many highlights of the day!

It was an incredible day and I am so honored to have been chosen to capture it!

Special thanks to Door County Even Planners for always crafting flawless wedding days, Victoria Ehlers for stepping up last minute when I decided I might be too pregnant to capture the day solo, and to baby girl Magnolia who waited a five more days before coming Earthside so I could be part of this beautiful celebration!:)

Cheers, Mr & Mrs Hamann!

Loved the timeless details Joel chose for the day.

Just a few moments to reflect and prepare before Joel sees his bride!

The morning of their wedding, Joel went out and picked a bouquet of wildflowers and surprised Mie-Seon with a custom necklace. Joel, you are a keeper!!!

Ready to see each other for the first time!

Joel's reaction was one of the best I've ever seen! What a treasure to have this moment together!

We tiptoed away to let them have a moment together.

Ready to start the day, hand in hand!

I loved all of the COLOR and individuality Mie-Seon incorporated with her best gals!

The famarazzi!

Mie-Seon and her beautiful, sweet mom.

What a joy to be surrounded by SO many important people from all over the country & from all different parts of time in life!

Joel and his lovely sisters!

Because siblings!

Her she comes!

Congrats, guys!

I love the joy on newly married couples faces as they walk out of the ceremony, but I quickly turn to capture the tenderness of the groom as he guides his bride away...

Woodwalk Gallery is such a gem! Sprawling grounds surround a beautifully kept art gallery tucked in naturally gorgeous Door County.

I absolutely love venues where guests can relax, mingle and enjoy gorgeous natural settings in the summertime!

Pops of color in beautiful handmade details!

It was my first time at much beauty!

Time to celebrate!

So much joy!

These three are the closest sisters, it made my emotional pregnant heart melt!

Such beautiful ladies, inside and out!

Off into the sunset for a moment to pause together!

Guiding couples is only part of the picture, my favorite part is stepping back and letting the moment unfold.

I love these quiet moments couples allow me to steal them away for at sunset, it is the sweetest, most romantic & magical time of the day!

How perfect is this sweet yellow truck tucked into a field of happy sunflowers!

Oh, Mie-Seon you are so beautiful!

Such a beautiful and close knit family.

Twinkling lights, soft summer air and a white tent, I day dream of things like these all winter!

A song sung by a close friend, how much more meaningful does it get?!

Joel's Dad's painting crew serenaded Mie-Seon, it was literally such a high note to end the night on!

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