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Joy and Gratitude

As 2016 winds down I thought I'd take a moment to share some joy and gratitude as I reflect on this year and set goals for next year. A huge thanks to Wisconsin Bride for reaching out to feature a wedding I shot in their annual book! This was my very first publication and I am shocked and honored and beyond thrilled!

Besides being a huge highlight of the year, it's also a sample of the beautiful memories and details I am blessed to capture for so many wonderful couples. It also served as a reminder that I am enough as me; not trying to be someone else, not trying to fit into the latest editing trend if it isn't me...or what people hired me for! I love to learn and grow in my artistry, but in 2017, and always, I will first have the courage to be me!

Be brave and true as you move forward, friends!

PS if you're getting hitched, be sure to grab your copy of the annual book here!

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