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Meghan & Luke, sweet spring engagement

All day Meghan and I had been excitedly texting each other about the session scheduled for the evening. As I pulled out of the driveway that evening big fat rain drops began to fall. No!!! I quick peeked at the radar and it looked clear to the south, where I was headed. When I arrived at Meghan's family farm in Saint Cloud a hazy sun was shining and birds were singing. Whew!

We hopped into Luke's truck and headed for tire track paths into the back woods and rolling fields of Meghan's family property. A private lake, trees arching over a path, ancient trees reaching for the sky, an old silo and fence...I was in heaven! Add an absolutely adorable and adoring couple and the night was perfection!

I cannot wait for Meghan and Luke's wedding this fall! I'm sure all these beautiful places we visited in early spring will be ablaze with gorgeous color for wedding pictures!

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