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Maggie & Drew - Rustic Woodfire Lodge Wedding

Drew and Maggie had a crisp, sunny early fall day for their September wedding! They had chosen the beautiful Woodfire Lodge as the perfect backdrop for their rustic romantic wedding. Amazingly, the weather cooperated for them to celebrate their vows outside, framed by a flower covered birch arbor tucked into the woods. It was like a fairy tale.

After family pictures (outdoors, love!) I hoped on a wagon with the bridal party and we bumped back to some amazing natural locations! I had a close encounter with a toad (not a snake, thank goodness!) and the bridal party got quite a laugh as I hopped around the field shrieking. Anything to keep the mood light and fun.;) The bridal party was wonderful, I love how friends and family set aside time to come beside a couple to encourage and love them on their wedding day!

Let's talk about Drew and Maggie. Such a gorgeous couple. And so in love. From the letters they thoughtfully wrote out to exchange before the ceremony, knowing each other well enough to move one another to tears with their words, dreams, affirmations in writing. I still have goosebumps when I think about how overcome with emotion they both were as Maggie walked down the wooded aisle to her groom! They are so adorable together, clearly enjoying each other and finding joy in being together!

The rustic theme created a cozy warmth for guests. The reception was held in a log building, tea lights, twinkling strings of lights and warm pops of burgundy on the crisp white linen covered tables. Photos of favorite memories around the perimeter offered a glimpse into the love story Maggie and Drew have been writing. I am so thrilled to have documented this new chapter in their story and wish them a long, beautiful story they can share with children and grandchildren!

Congrats, Maggie and Drew!

How adorable, carved initials in the birch cake tree!

Maggie's grandmother helping, what a treasured moment.

Ahhh! Maggie is just so beautiful!

Love letters exchanged before the ceremony.

How cute is this little man?!

The love and emotion Maggie and Drew felt and showed as they saw each other, nothing like it.

That look says it, "best day ever."

Hands down, an absolute favorite moment!

Matching socks and "Merica."

Such a stunning bride!

The bridal party was transported from place to place for pictures on a wagon, so fun!

Drew and Maggie had jars for people to throw pocket change into as a means of casting votes for who should get cake in their face...any guess who won?

The shoe game is always so fun! And usually there are surprising answers!

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